UDAY (Timer)

UDAY (Timer)

Our meter timers track savings, come what may.

They come with Shareable device control via WiFi, Remote On/Off Switching which can even be operated manually via the Touch Button.

These Electronic Timers are used in industries to control the process/operation with specified time intervals of repetitive nature. They have both common consumers uses and large industrial uses.

Using a high-accuracy real-time onboard chip, our product eliminates the need for bulky disconnection devices and provides protection against over-voltage currents.

Uday has both common consumer and huge industrial applications. They are employed in process control equipment to help with process regulation, in industrial equipment to record its use and age, and in consumer devices for residential and recreational use.

Its advantages are as follows-

  • Uday is employed in both major industries and common consumer applications.
  • These timers are mostly utilized in process control devices to aid with process regulation.
  • These are used in industries to record the age and use of equipment, and they are also utilized as consumer electronics for recreational and residential purposes.
  • They are widely employed in a wide range of industrial operations to manage device timing and monitor equipment life cycles.
UDAY (Timer)

Our Features

Lower maintenance

Lower maintenance

When compared to electromechanical meters, Uday has fewer moving parts and so requires less maintenance.

More features

More features

They may include features such as time-of-use metering, load profiling, and power quality analysis, which can give utility companies and customers with more information.

Wide measuring range

Wide measuring range

They have a wide measuring range and can detect energy use accurately even at low levels.

Remote communication

Remote communication

They can be outfitted with communication modules for remote monitoring, data collecting, and analysis, making them more useful to utility companies.



Uday is difficult to tamper with since it has powerful anti-tampering capabilities that detect and record any efforts at tampering.

High accuracy

High accuracy

When compared to electromechanical meter timers, electronic energy meter timers are highly accurate and have a low error rate.

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  • Communication Modes
    Communication Modes


  • Accuracy Class
    Accuracy Class


  • Dimension

    197.5 X 154.5 X 92.5

  • On-Off Control
    On-Off Control

    24hr/ Relay Control

  • Current Range
    Current Range


  • Voltage

    240V /440V