DHARA  (Pump Controller)

DHARA (Pump Controller)

Our pumps are 100% reliable & not power-hungry at all

It can also inform the user about device theft, and faulty power supply, and whenever the power goes off in the middle of the working motor, it will prevent the motor from single phasing, dry run, overload, etc. if the said problems are existing the remote farmer will be getting message regarding problem details and automatically it will make the motor off.

It helps us to operate our motor from anywhere and anytime through SMS instead of going to farms to operate the motor. It helps us to operate the motor for fixed hours preventing the wastage of electricity and water confirmation to the user.

We can have exact records of the time at which motors remain on. It helps us to estimate the water supply to the field. Detect voltage fluctuations and problems in 3 phase power supply and inform the farmers. Automatic turns off the motor in case water is not available and also gives notification through SMS. It can be operated from any mobile and any operator to operator.

Various advantages of Dhara are as follows-

  • It is a smart and cost-effective water pressure management system.
  • It aids in the prevention of delays, the reduction of vibrations, and the exact and accurate control of your water supply.
  • Its circuitry is simpler than that of a standard water pressure system, and troubleshooting is significantly easier.
  • Automatically engages the electric pump, eliminating the need to stand near the water pump to turn it on or off manually.
DHARA  (Pump Controller)

Our Features

Easy installation

Easy installation

When compared to the lifespan of the original design, these new solid-state electronics and integrated electronics provide improved performance, hassle-free installation, and cheaper operating costs over time.

Reliable Design

Reliable Design

The solid-state electronics in the latest models help to eliminate the durability issues experienced in older designs. With an innovative modular design, they not only help to alleviate durability difficulties but also produce significant savings throughout the life of the unit.



Pump controllers are low-maintenance devices that last a long period with minimum upkeep. They have stainless conducting electrodes that are plastic-coated. They are well-known for their long lifespan and low maintenance.

Saves Money

Saves Money

Water level controllers help to save electricity and, as a result, money. Water is handled using these technologies, which means that wasted water and electricity are kept to a minimum.

Conserves Energy

Conserves Energy

Water level controllers that regulate the water level automatically save energy. They accomplish this by turning off the motor automatically when the tank is full and when there is no water flow to the tank. This involves using less water and energy to control a water supply.

Functions Automatically

Functions Automatically

Constantly peering into the water tank to turn off the motor once the tank is full can be annoying and time-consuming. Because the technique is totally automated, a pump controller eliminates this obstacle entirely. Because of timer switches, the motor will turn on and off on its own whenever the water level in the tank reaches the required level.

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  • Accuracy Class
    Accuracy Class


  • Dimension

    (262 X 180 X 86)

  • Compatible with
    Compatible with

    Single or three-phase motor

  • Communication Modes
    Communication Modes


  • On-off Control
    On-off Control

    24hr/ Relay Control

  • Supply Voltage
    Supply Voltage